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Communication Coaching for Coaches and Leaders

Get past these common communication issues FAST so you can go out there and make money as you make a difference!

At times, short and specific communications challenges arise that don’t require a long-term coaching arrangement, or you just need to run something by a communication pro for some added polish, input, or practice.

I’ve got you!

In these one-off, quick win offerings, we’ll work together on a focused project to get you the results you desire in a short period of time. Let’s resolve these common communication issues so you can focus on serving more people and making money.

Pitch Yourself to TV, Magazines, Newspapers, and/or Podcasts

Have a book coming out, a big launch coming up, celebrating business milestone, or other big news to share with the media? Together we’ll craft your list of the media that matter most to your message, including their contact info. Then we’ll develop the best pitches, stories, and angles for each outlet and create a timeline for you to send out your pitches. You’ll learn how to follow up effectively and you build relationships with the top journalists in your industry.

Publish a Press Release to Build Buzz

Stay relevant and fresh by creating and issuing a press release, which is great content for social media, your blog, your newsletter, and more. Together we’ll write a press release (or releases) for your news whether it’s an event, a book launch, a new website, a new free offer, winning an award, participating in a fundraiser, launching a new program, announcing a new podcast, sharing your latest speaking engagement, announcing a Facebook challenge, or any other news you have to share. You’ll also learn where to distribute press releases on the wire for about the cost of a nice lunch out with a client and how to create a press room (complete with images, video, logo, company overview and more) on a professional press release distribution outlet.

Signature Talk Development

Have a big message to get across and want to craft an amazing Signature Talk? We’ll outline your entire talk and identify your personal stories, analogies, and maybe even uncover some cool stats to shape your story so your audience is engaged and ready to take action. Get feedback on your delivery so you can turn the audience into raving fans and amazing clients.

Communication Essentials

“So, what do you?” Need help answering this question in a compelling and head-turning way? Together we’ll craft your answer so you feel confident answering it in a way that attracts the right people and referrals. Other communication essentials include crafting common business communication items like your bio, crafting emails that even top business pros get stuck with like asking for testimonials, referrals, partnerships, clients, and more. We’ll craft these together so you can grow your business by nailing these common communication obstacles.

Communication and Content

Not sure what to create content about? Let’s get together and use my proven formula to unearth an entire year’s worth of topics that are on-brand, on-message, and on-point. Use your topics in any variety of applications – writing, video, going live on social media, creating images via Canva, etc… No more staring at a blank screen.

Award Applications

Is your business ready to apply for a coveted industry award? Awesome! Let’s talk over your application so you are sure to share your story in a compelling way so you increase your chances of advancing to the next level, becoming a finalist, and/or winning.


90 Minutes = $500
Half day = $1,500

Long-Term Coaching

happy older woman

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, your future, and building a personal brand that consistently communicates your value and message, longer-term coaching is for you. In this private coaching program, I’ll personally support and guide you to up-level your communication, your personal brand, and your business. We’ll start by connecting with your purpose, then we’ll create your plan of action, set goals, manage communications challenges, and transform your business by removing mindset and skillset blocks. This work guides you to share your message in a bold and powerful way so you are heard, understood, and celebrated. It is deep, powerful, and transformative.

Here’s how we’ll roll:

  1. Clarity Questionnaire
  2. 90-Minute Kick Off Call
  3. Biweekly Virtual Coaching Sessions
  4. Access to Me via Email
  5. Personalized Plan and Homework After Each Session


3 Months = $3500
6 Months = $6500
12 Months = $12,000