Become a Guest Expert on Local TV in Practically Any Market

Showcasing your expertise on TV is a smart brand-building strategy. This is not about having 15 minutes of fame. It’s about building a long-term brand by tapping into the power of being on a guest on lifestyle TV shows. This is a Done-With-You coaching program where you will learn a skill and have the support you need to boost your brand. We will work together on three things:

  1. Polishing your brand and positioning so you’re ready to be featured on TV and other media outlets and capture new leads from your appearances.
  2. Everything you need to know to be booked on TV in practically any local market and do so well that they ask you back. I’ll write your pitches, create your media list, and personally pitch you and/or introduce you to key decision-makers. You’ll know how to think like a TV producer and talk their talk, slay your appearances, how to get a copy of your appearance, know how to get rebooked, what to wear, what to expect, and so much more.
  3. Simple yet highly effective ways you can leverage your TV appearances forever so you can get more speaking gigs, charge higher speaking and/or coaching prices, and enjoy the cache of being a featured expert on TV.

Personal Branding

Imagine being clear on your personal brand and communication strategy in a matter of weeks.

After a certain amount of success, you may have the desire to refine or expand your personal brand or showcase yourself in a new way, or even start a new business. This coaching program will help you gain clarity on who you are right now and what you stand for, what you want for your future, how to get there, and of course, to take new action.

Media Relations

Are you looking for a PR partner who understands how to properly represent an expert or executive to unearth and create media opportunities?  Contact me today to talk about what success would look like and we can see if we’re a fit for this very personal relationship.

The Visibility Booster

Perhaps you are feeling invisible in your market. Or maybe you are great at what you do but need a boost of fresh thinking to boost your visibility. Or you’ve already coached with me and want a quick tune-up.

Uncover your next two – three best moves to lead you into your bigger future in this simple 90-coaching minute program.

Investment: $350