Business Lessons From Ludacris

You may not have pegged me as a member of the Ludacris fan club, and perhaps you’re right, but I really liked this clip of him. He was asked, “What the coolest thing about being a celebrity?” Watch this short video for his super-cool answer. First he shares a laugh and then speaks to the privilege of being a celebrity and see if what he says resonates with you, as it does me.

So , now that you have seen the clip, do you want to join his fan club with me?! (HA!)

You and I may never reach Ludacris’ level of fame, but having a celebrity profile and making money allows a person to do amazing things that are near and dear to their heart, just like Ludacris. And the great news is that we don’t need to be as famous as Ludacris to do it. But as a business owner, it absolutely helps to have a loyal following or a fan club of our own so we can also create wealth, connections and relationships to do what is near and dear to our hearts in an increasingly bigger way.

So, what will the coolest thing you’ll do when you reach your dream celebrity profile status? Me? I’ll increase the resources I give to performing arts outreach programs and spend time teaching kids about being kind to each other. And I’ll have more shoes.

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