What a 5k Did for Running My Business

Mere-5k-finishI did something last week that I had no intention of doing. I completed my first 5K.

For you runners out there, running a 5K is probably no big deal. For me, it is. I’m not a runner. And even though it’s not unusual for me to walk three miles, what is unusual is for me to walk in a formal 5K.

Here is how it unfolded.

Over the weekend, I finally heard the message loud and clear, “It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is how you move your feet.”

I’ve heard this saying before many times, and you probably have as well. But for whatever reason, when I heard it this time, it resonated with me like never before. I sat with it and let it wash over me. It was like an answer to a question I had been asking for years.

Later that morning, I was reminded of the 5K that was taking place that afternoon to raise funds for kids to attend Camp Akita this summer. This is a fabulous camp in Ohio close to where I live that we’ve gone to many times over the years. I spontaneously asked my husband if he wanted to do the 5K with me. He was a bit stunned at my unusual question, but as a runner, he was in!

It wasn’t until we were about half way through that I realized why I had the spontaneous urge to walk in this 5K. It was a metaphor for how I move my feet. You see, I’ve been at a crossroads in my business for a while now. It has taken a toll on me in nearly every way physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually. There has been something percolating in me for a long time, and I haven’t been able to name it or put my finger on it despite my best efforts. My coaching has changed over the years, and I haven’t found the words to describe it.

  • It’s deeper than “just” marketing
  • It’s rooted in personal branding, but that’s not quite fully it
  • It’s a spiritual journey, and I’m not afraid to “go there” as needed
  • It’s personal leadership and responsibility vs. traditional “corporate leadership”
  • It’s personal development, self awareness and self confidence
  • It’s creating the space for clients to let their hair down and be real
  • And it’s all tied building your business, living an awesome life and making money

Ack. Grrrr. Hisss… What IS this???

It’s been exciting and maddening at the same time! It’s exciting because I’ve had a front row seat to seeing clients create new products and services, reach 6- and 7-figure financial goals, market in ways that feel good and make them more money, totally rebrand, launch new business ventures and so forth—really own what they are here on this planet to do. It’s been maddening because despite hiring all sorts of help, I haven’t found the exact words to describe all of this. And I’ve let that get in my way.

Perhaps you have been there and know what I mean.

So even though I haven’t landed on what to call this next evolution of my business and this next phase of life, I am incredibly clear on this: I am totally committed to moving my feet to serve others in a way that only I can. And here’s the kicker: I’m committed to this without feeling like I have it all wrapped up in a pretty bow with a catchy title and snappy sound bite. Because that’s not what matters right now. What matters is how I move my feet.


What you can expect is to see from me are some new playful ways to achieve the results you want in your life and business. No more waiting. No more expecting all the right things to be in place before I start. Because this is urgent. When I help people, it changes and improves their lives, and in turn, they go out and change and improve other people’s lives. What is more urgent than that?

Here’s the first way I am moving my feet in a different way: It’s my invitation to you without being perfect but simply coming from a place of service. And it’s free.

I am inviting you to click on the “Talk with Meredith” button below so we can talk about what you need right now in your business and life. I may have a solution for you right away. I may have a referral. I may tell you about a program that will help you. I don’t know what will unfold exactly. I just know that I have an abundance of information, connections and ways for people to step into their full potential and I want to share them even more generously than I have before. I want to talk with you.

So that’s my invitation. That is where I choose to start. So what do you say… wanna talk? Let’s go!


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