Dealing With Your Inner Critic

Hot topic from a client coaching call today: Dealing with the inner critic as it relates to your business, marketing, and putting yourself out there. Because when you start tweaking your actions and thoughts order to increase your visibility and spread your message, it often brings up feelings of uncertainty or being “found out” as a fraud, even if you are CERTAIN that your work offer tremendous benefits.

I work with a variety of business owners and one thing I notice that is consistent across the board is that most everyone has this inner critic and some people are really good at managing it while others really struggle.

Here are two things I’ve noticed that the successful “inner critic managers” seem to do:

  1. They notice the voice of their inner critic. They are aware that when they do certain things like procrastinate, make a b-line for the cheese drawer (me!), get lost in time-sucking adminstrivia, or act in a way isn’t truly helpful, they recognize their behavior as a warning sign that their inner critic is trying to take over.
  2. They thank the inner critic, acknowledge it for trying to keep them safe, then more forward without giving it more energy than it deserves.  In other words, they take personal responsibility for their actions and make decisions based more on where they are certain.

By the way, a really good book that includes a fantastic chapter about the inner critic is Playing Big by Tara Mohr.  I highly recommend it.


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