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4 Compelling Ways To Share Your Message

What is a message? You hear people talk about having a marketing message, but what is it really? A tagline? A one-sentence statement? An elevator speech?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s everything. (That’s a big nutshell.) Your message is conveyed in everything you do. Today I’m sharing four ways to think about how to communicate your message. Think of them as “message enhancers.” Once you know your message, or the main idea behind your work, use these message enhancers to communicate your message.

1. Stories

Share Your StoryPeople love stories. In fact, people remember stories more than most anything. Share your client success stories and your personal stories.

Here are some lead-in sentences you can use to share your stories at networking meetings, on TV interviews, in proposals, and so forth:

“One of my clients recently …” then share your client success story
“That reminds me of my client, who …” then share your client’s story
“A client recently shared that …” then share their story

2. Statistics

%Hard facts tell a story. Raw numbers, when put into context, provide meaning. Be ready to cite your sources.

Here are some lead-in sentences you can use when stating statistics:

“Let me put that into context …” then share a story or statistic
“In fact, a recent study from X just said that …” then share the statistic.

3. Soundbites

John F. KennedySoundbites are short phrases or sentences that grab attention, encapsulate your message, and help your audience to remember your message.  This example from JFK quickly appeals to patriotism, is memorable, and entices the audience into action:

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

The thing with soundbites is sometimes they are stand-alone phrases and need no lead-in sentences. However, here are two lead-in sentences you can use to share your soundbites with others:

“An easy way to remember this is this …” then provide an analogy, metaphor, or simile
“I always say …” state your soundbite

4. Images

photographerShow, don’t tell.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Say more with less.

These soundbites encapsulate the reasons why images are so effective in communicating your message.

Images are an extremely effective way to quickly communicate your message, add depth to your communication strategy, and add spark to your social media outlets. You can use infographics, photos, illustrations, or other ways to communicate your message. Use images that have a consistent look and feel so your brand is cohesive.

Canva is great image layout tool with a free version as well as upgrades to more robust options. I also love Deposit Photos for inexpensive, royalty-free images. Check AppSumo for deals on Deposit Photos. I grab their deal every December, but they may offer it throughout the year.

What can you try this week to enhance your message?

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