How to Build an Exceptional Personal Brand as an Expert

Personal branding is one of those things that sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s still a pretty vague subject. Putting your finger on what it is, how to do it effectively and how to benefit from it can seem pretty fuzzy. Many people who talk about personal branding don’t offer real-world actions and help you create a plan of action that makes it worth your while. This article will give you some things to think about as you build your brand.

Having a strong personal brand that you can cash in on as an expert is not just for people like Oprah, Madonna or Martha Stewart. It’s for everyone. It’s for you. Just like these three powerful women, you too can build a strong personal brand and cash in on it. Branding yourself is an internal journey that leads you to toward taking specific and intentional action to become the biggest and brightest “you” that you want to be. And as an expert in your field, your personal brand is what will attract the kind of clients, partners and opportunities that fire you up.

To help you on this journey, here is a list of just 24 things you can do take control of your personal brand and increase your profile as an expert:

  1. What do you best? Build your life around that.
  2. Don’t just say you are an expert. Instead, prove it by speaking, writing, creating an information product and adding value in social media.
  3.  Branding success is about consistency. Be the same offline as you are online.
  4. Spend your time with people who motivate and challenge you to be your biggest you.
  5. Make a niche for yourself. Those who try to be everything to everyone end up being nothing to anyone.
  6. Believe in the value of your own voice. Right now, someone needs your expertise and insight.
  7. Experts have self discipline. They carve out time to market themselves.
  8. Branding yourself as an expert doesn’t mean you know it all. It means you dedicate a good portion of your life to knowing more and more.
  9. Update your bio at least twice a year. Really – you have probably changed enough to warrant a refresh.
  10. Make it easy for a reporter to do a story on you by providing story ideas, industry statistics and references.
  11. Buy any domain names that you think you will use. At the very least, buy and Protect your space online!
  12. Be a resource. If you find an article that a client, potential client or partner would be interested in, email it to them.
  13. Testimonials are success stories about your products and services. Collect them regularly and add them to your web site.
  14. Be willing to connect others even if it has nothing to do with your business. What goes around, comes around.
  15. Do something unexpected. For example, take a potential client out for pedicures instead of for coffee.
  16. What three words do you want people to use when describing you? Are you giving them reason to think that of you?
  17. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and challenge you to grow.
  18. Make clients feel special and appreciated. Ask yourself, “How do I want my clients to perceive me? Am I living up to that?”
  19. Put some personality into your business. Don’t stand behind a corporate wall. Show us who you are!
  20. Use colors you love and appeal to your target market. It’s part of your messaging.
  21. Use your outgoing voicemail message to brand yourself. Say something interesting.
  22. Hire a professional graphic artist to design business cards, logo, letterhead, ezine, web site… It’s a wise investment to look your best.
  23. Know Thyself: Know the top 3 achievements your clients can expect from working with you.
  24. If you’re the “best kept secret” then you’re not serving yourself OR your ideal clients. Share yourself with others.

Hopefully now you have a least a couple of new ways to build your personal brand as an expert. And by the way, this list is not nearly exhaustive. I’d love to hear your ideas of how you convey your personal brand as an expert. If you want a strategy for creating your personal brand, let me know and I’ll add you to the list of people who will hear about my Own Your Star Power Online Course and receive a special offer.


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